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South African rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes better known by his stage name AKA took to his Twitter on Thursday to post a screen shot of a WhatsApp message he received from a producer who has been trying to get an AKA stamp of approval of his beats. His fans have joined in the plea.

The unknown producer has seemingly attempted to get AKA to listen to his beats a couple of times. He even went out of his way to go to AKA’s birthday party just to get him to listen. After the many attempts, the heartbroken producer has finally decided to throw in the towel.

“I became an embarrassment after all the sacrifices I took to come thru..why didn’t you just tell me from the beginning I’m nagging you all of that is ending today u will never hear from me asking you for anything I’m even blocking you,” read the text message.

The ‘All eyes on me’ rapper captioned the post asking his followers how exactly he should respond to the emotional message.

His fans have encouraged him to be like American rapper Kendrick Lamar and give the producer a shot. They also asked him to ensure that he gives constructive criticism other than blowing him off.

Things took an interesting turn after AKA tweeted letting his followers know that 90% of everybody’s music is trash and that he has no plans of listening to random people’s music.  He also added that sending him a text does not mean that he will help you out.

“I had to exchange many numbers before we could even get the CHANCE to be in the same studio as KHULI or KO or Linda,” he tweeted.

The tweet has sparked a lot of rage among his fans with some letting him know that they are no longer his fans, others have pointed out that he is undermining the producer.

AKA has backed up his words and ended the conversation by telling his followers to suck it up.

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