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Lisa Mugo

Beyonce Knowles Carter has dropped another summer banger for listeners all around the world. Her new single ‘Break My Soul’, stems from her album ‘Renaissance’ which is set to be released on July 29.

The queen made the announcement on her website days after sending social media on a frenzy as fans speculated that she was planning on dropping new music. The rumor began after Bey took down all her profile pictures from her social media platforms.

Beyonce performing at Coachella /Getty Images/

‘Break My Soul’ features Big Freedia and falls under the house music genre. The song is very empowering and encourages people to do as their heart desires. Some even claim that they will resign from their places of work, simply because ‘Beyonce told them to’.

“And I just quit my job. I’m gonna find new drive. Damn they work me so damn hard. Work by nine. Then off past five. And they work my nerves. That’s why I cannot sleep at night,” she sings.

Big Freedia /Google Images/

The song however has sparked mixed reactions on social media as some people are just not really feeling it claiming that the whole house vibe is just unlike Bey. Others seem to enjoy the song revealing that it is the summer banger that they have been looking for.

Drake has also been under attack on social media for the exact same thing as he dropped his surprise album ‘Honestly, Never Mind’ last week and it was not so well received on social media.

Drake /Wire Image/

Many, just like in Beyonce’s case were not happy about the house vibe that the album gives off also claiming that it does not sound like the Drizzy they know.

However, it seems like celebrities are trying to bring house music back and that the vibe this summer will be lots of house and dancing.

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