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Avellon Williams 

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – A twin island nation located off the Northern edge of the South American mainland, Trinidad and Tobago lies just 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) off the coast of north-eastern Venezuela and 130 kilometers (81 miles) south of Grenada.

View of Port of Spain beach front /Image, AEM/

Throughout history, this Caribbean nation was colonized by the Spanish, British, French, and Dutch, and the influences of these cultures are still evident today. Upon becoming independent in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago became a republic in 1967.

Trinbago festivities /Image, TF/

Celebrations of cultural diversity often include African and Indian influences. Carnival, Diwali, and Hosay celebrations are worth visiting if you happen to be on the island during these times. Steelpan music and calypso music are both born here. The Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago has a number of bars, music venues, and even beaches where calypso is regularly performed.

Hosay colourful climax in St. James /TG/

Its tropical climate makes it ideal for tourism. Generally speaking, the first five months of the year are very dry, while the remaining seven months are rainy. A unique biodiversity has developed in Trinidad and Tobago as a result of its proximity to South America. Mangroves, reefs, forests, and savannahs are the main ecosystems in Trinidad and Tobago.

View of Port of Spain /Image, AEM/

The waters around Trinidad and Tobago are home to 950 marine species. Keep an eye out for them while exploring the islands. Scuba-diving can be a fun experience when you see sturgeons, corals, anemones, and lobsters in the waters. Keep an eye on the water when taking a boat ride as manta rays, dolphins, and whale sharks might be present. 

It is estimated that there are approximately 80 beaches on the islands and their satellite islands. There are often small villages on these Trinidad and Tobago beaches. The following beaches are the best places to relax with your family and enjoy the sun, sand, sea, and beautiful tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago.

1- Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Maracus Beach, Trinidad /Image, AEM/

One of Trinidad’s most popular beaches. The beach lies on the northern coast of the island and is accessible via a mountain road that takes 30 minutes from Port-of-Spain, the island’s capital city. Soft golden sands, palm trees, and water views line the beach, which features plenty of shady spots. 

While you are at the beach, be sure to visit a shark and bake vendor to enjoy fried bakes filled with fish fillets, vegetables, fruit, and hot pepper sauce.  You can find many tasty snacks and preservatives on your way to the beach, such as mangoes, plums, and sugar cakes.

2- Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad

Las Cuevas Beach, Trinidad /Image, TG/

As the golden sands curve along, you can enjoy incredible views of the thick trees covering the mountains as you walk along the beach. The waves are being enjoyed by surfers. Beautiful caves can be accessed by foot on the beach. With a length of 2.5 kilometres (1.55 miles) and a width of 50 metres (164 feet), the beach provides plenty of space. With its calm waters and often quiet atmosphere, Las Cuevas is a great family beach.

3- Blanchisseuse Beach, Trinidad

Blanchisseuse Beach, Trinidad /Image, WP/

Among the most popular beaches in the world, ,Blanchisseuse Beach, is one of the most popular and quietest. A favorite place for birds and wildlife lovers, Blanchisseuse Beach is perfect for seeing leatherback sea turtles in the water and colourful parrots flying overhead. 

With the Marianne River flowing into the bay, the beach makes for an ideal kayaking spot. There is a breathtaking waterfall cascading through the rainforest a short hike from the bay. There are no facilities on the beach, but you can buy food and souvenirs in a few villages nearby.

4- Mayaro Beach, Trinidad

Mayaro Beach, Trinidad /Image, WMC/

One of the biggest beaches in Trinidad is Mayaro Beach, located on the east coast. The lush rainforest and soft sand of Mayarodraw many tourists to this destination. Since Mayaro is far from major cities and has a small population, this beach is frequently quiet. Visitors to this area will find surfers making the most of the waves, families, locals, and those exploring the natural environment.

5- Colombus Bay, Trinidad

Colombus Bay, Trinidad /DTT/

At Trinidad’s southernmost point, Columbus Bay has a beautiful beach that is not to be missed. There are many natural arches carved out by the sea, mountains overlooking the waters, thick, lush rainforest, and, of course, white sands that are characteristic of Caribbean islands.

During the summer months, Columbus Bay is a beautiful place to go swimming or snorkeling in order to observe the colourfulfish that inhabit its waters. On the beach’s sands, you can find a variety of beautiful shells. Considering the park’s remoteness, you’ll have to bring your own necessities, so pack accordingly.

6- Macqueripe Bay, Trinidad  

An iconic beach in Trinidad & Tobago, Macqueripe Bay offers visitors a variety of activities.

As the tide comes in, the entire beach disappears completely, and the water reaches as high as the tree line along the western edge of Trinidad. The golden-sand beach is revealed when the tide is out. 

Its calm waters and proximity to Port-of-Spain resorts make this beach a favorite among families looking for somewhere quiet yet fun to spend a few hours. Swimmers can safely swim in the water, and snorkelers abound.

7- Paria Beach and Waterfall, Trinidad

Paria Beach and Waterfall, Trinidad /CH/

The well-hidden treasure of Trinidad & Tobago is Paria Beach. Taking a boat or hiking from Blanchisseuse or Matelot is the only way to access the beach. As you hike to the beach, you’ll find plenty of caves with pools of water where shellfish and other sea creatures are trapped by the tides in order to survive. The scenery along this stretch of coastline is spectacular, with views across the stacks and arches.

The Paria waterfall can be reached following the river at the eastern end of the beach in 15 minutes.

Water from the Northern Range feeds this beautiful hidden waterfall, which cascades over 10 feet (3 meters) into a plunge pool below. It’s a great place to cool off after a short hike or to cool off after a day at the beach.

8- Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago

For beachgoers looking for a tropical paradise, Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago is a must-see. Its soft golden sands are lined with coconut trees, while its turquoise waters lap against the shore.

As a result of the Buccoo Reef, the waters are protected, providing ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling.

The reef can also be observed from a glass-bottom boat tour, where colourful tropical fish can be seen. Local cuisine, fresh fish, and colourful cocktails can be found at a few restaurants near the beach. For access to the beach, there is a $20TT entrance fee, which goes toward maintenance.

9- Englishman’s Bay Beach, Tobago

With fewer visitors on its sands, Englishman’s Bay Beach makes for an ideal beach getaway due to its quiet and secluded atmosphere.

Sands stretch along the beach’s edge in a crescent moon shape, backed by thick, green rainforest.

With a length of 1 mile (1.6 kilometers), the beach is well sheltered by the rainforest.

There is a coral reef accessible by snorkeling just beyond the beach. In spite of how remote it may seem, you can find a great restaurant next to the bay that serves snacks and drinks.

10- Castara Beach, Tobago

On the northern edge of Tobago, Castara Beach is named after a nearby bay. It is popular with those looking for an escape from the busy tourist scene. In comparison to its neighbouring beaches, this one is far quieter and secluded. Located on the beachfront, Casacreole restaurant offers excellent ringside ocean views, as well as tasty dishes and specialties. There is a seafood specialization on the menu, as well as local cuisine.

11- Store Bay, Tobago

Store Bay, Tobago /Image, VT/

Due to its proximity to nearby resorts, Store Bay is one of Tobago’s most popular beaches. This beach is located on the southwestern coast of Tobago, near Crown Point. Visitors make the most of the sun and calm waters by relaxing on lounge chairs, umbrellas, and beach towels. Yan Store, a Dutch immigrant who settled on the island, was the name given to Store Bay.

12- Mount Irvine Beach, Tobago

Mount Irvine Beach may be the beach for you if you are looking for more than golden sands to sunbathe on. Mount Irvine Bay is located west of Tobago near the town of Mount Irvine. Tobago’s surfers take advantage of the challenging waves on this beach, which is made up of two bays.

Diving is also popular along the beach because of the depths and coral formations off the coast that are worth exploring. Great views and tasty food are available at several restaurants and bars near the beach.

13- Buccoo Bay, Tobago

Buccoo Bay, Tobago /Image, TB/

Tobago’s Caribbean entertainment and relaxing on the beach can be enjoyed at Buccoo Bay.

Swimming or snorkeling at Buccoo Reef is possible on the beach’s long, sandy shores. Buccoo’s wetland and mangroves are ideal for adventure-seekers seeking out adventure beyond the beach.

At low tide, you can explore No Man’s Land and uncover many hidden treasures. When Princess Margaret visited Tobago in the 1960s, she stayed in the abandoned Princess Margaret House near No Man’s Land. The landscape of several deserted beaches offers sunspots, shade, and a relaxing atmosphere. Bars, restaurants, toilets, and shower facilities are available in a car park near the beach.

14- Tyrrel’s Bay, Tobago

Tyrrel’s Bay, Tobago /Image, MN/

There are few bays that can compare to Tyrrel’s Bay on Tobago, a crescent-shaped stretch of golden sand surrounded by mountains. There is driftwood and pretty shells dotted along the beach. As many coastal birds’ nest or feed in the rainforest and on the shores of the bay, it is a perfect location for bird lovers.

The numerous reefs in Tyrrel’s Bay are also excellent for diving and snorkeling. Several shops around the bay rent snorkelingand diving gear. There are two excellent restaurants and bars in Tyrrel’s Bay: Bird Watcher’s Restaurant and Bar, and Jemma’s Sea View Kitchen Tree House.

15- Pirate’s Bay, Tobago

Pirates Bay, Tobago /Image, FR/

Trinidad and Tobago’s Pirates Bay is another hidden gem. The hidden bay can be found close to Charlotteville, in the northeast corner of Tobago. Getting to the bay requires either boating or hiking down more than 100 steps. In the crystal-clear waters of the bay, you’ll see local fishing and sailing boats bobbing up and down. Snorkeling and watching the sunset are popular activities in the bay. Located in a relatively quiet area, you may have the beach to yourself because of its location.

16- Bacolet Bay, Tobago 

A beach overlooking Bacolet Bay can be found in the wealthy neighborhood of Bacolet, where luxury hotels and homes line the waterfront. You can cool off in the shallow waters or swim in the golden sand of the bay, which has palm trees and golden sand. Although it is located near the town, the beach is quiet and does not provide any facilities. There is a famous history of the bay since it was the setting of Swiss Family Robinson and Heaven Knows, Mr Allison.

17- Great Courland Bay, Tobago

Turtle Beach, or Great Courland Bay, belongs to Plymouth and is located close to the city centre. It consists of golden sand, crystal clear waters, and palm trees providing shade. Despite its urban location, Great Courland is relatively quiet.

As a result of turtles laying their eggs in the sand at the beach, it gets its local name. Nesting occurs between March and August during the turtle’s breeding season. Watch out for nesting sites during this time, and be aware of young turtles returning to the water around August.

18- Arnos Vale, Tobago

Arnos Vale, Tobago /Image, TA/

A typical Caribbean beach, Arnos Vale has golden sands, pristine waters, and green palm trees. What distinguishes this beach is several crumbling abandoned hotel buildings? In spite of its secluded location and pleasant surroundings, there are no facilities on the beach, so it is advised to pack your needs for your trip. It is best to visit Arnos Vale Beach as part of a day cruise around many of the island’s beaches. Boats moor here so snorkelers can get a glimpse of the sea life.

19- Emerald Bay,Tobago

Emerald Bay, Tobago /Image, ST/

Emerald Bay’s sandy shores are surrounded by tall rocky cliffs. Its waters are a rich blue-green colour which gives the bay its name. During snorkeling or diving, you can see a variety of tropical fish in bright, vibrant colors. Emerald Bay is home to over 300 coral species, including giant tube sponges and fire corals. Due to the cliffs and thick rainforest, the bay is relatively sheltered.

20- Bloody Bay, Tobago

Bloody Bay, Tobago /Image, VT/

During a fierce sea battle off the coast of Tobago in 1666, the British defeated the combined fleets of France and Holland. In the mountains above Bloody Bay, immortelle trees are blooming in bright red flowers, making the site much more picturesque than it used to be. In addition to soft sands and plenty of shade from trees, the bay has a number of small bars and snack shops.

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