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By Megan Stevens

New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion, Tim Wright, has set his sights on entrepreneurship ever since his hair cutting days as a teenager.

Aside from his barbershop, The Wright Cut, located on the campus of his alum, Rutgers University and other enterprising ventures, Tim is taking to technology in a new and innovative way to leave his mark on the earth.

Dome Audio Inc. is his newest venture and it’s one that is sure to be a huge success in the near future. The Dome Audio Headphones brings in a whole new concept of experiencing sound.

The triple patented technology is unique in design and offers surround sound, Bluetooth, and bone conduction to consumers.

The design of these open eared headphones is like no other. This product also offers the option to add interchangeable dome covers with fashionable branding options that will set any style apart from the rest.

These elements combined with its functionality and quality are sure to be the future of sound.

The best part about these headphones is that due to its innovative nature, design, and patent it’s competitors haven’t seen anything like this on the market.

The company alone has already raised over $500,000, developed an executive team, and has partnered with VTECH for manufacturing of the product. With those factors in mind, Dome Audio is giving consumers a chance to get involved with this projected trend in technology by allowing it’s consumers to invest in the equity of the company through Crowd Funding.

Consumers can purchase stock in the company with as little as only $250.00 stake at $0.64 per share to take part of the ownership.

This campaign has been open since May and the window of opportunity for investors to get involved is going to be closing soon. There are only ten more days left to partake. For more information visit the link below.  and take your stake hold today.

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