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Ekeomah Atuonwu

The Nigerien Embassy, in collaboration with the Ghanaian government, has begun the process of repatriating some Nigerien beggars from Accra’s streets.

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Abdallah Mohamed Hassan, a spokesperson for the Nigerien Embassy in Accra, told state radio station that the embassy has engaged the Ghanaian government to have the Nigerien panhandlers removed from the streets of Accra.

According to him, a thousand beggars, mostly children, have been mobilized through a partnership with the Ghanaian government and will be fully repatriated in accordance with Ghanaian migration regulations.

He stated that this is to rid Accra’s streets of the nuisance.

Mr Hassan assured those who would be repatriated that they would be provided with employable skills when they returned home.

Nigerien 🇳🇪 beggars in Accra /Africa Eye/

Mr Hassan warned that any affected Nigeriens who return to Ghana will be dealt with according to the country’s immigration laws.

Nigerien 🇳🇪 children and their parents have taken over Accra, begging for alms in every corner of the city.

They’re most commonly seen at the Graphic Road, Lapaz, Achimota, Kasoa Old Barrier traffic light, University of Professional Studies (UPSA) junction, Accra Mall, Adjiringano, Shiashie near Emmanuel Eye Clinic, and some ceremonial streets.

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