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Faith Nyasuguta

Haiti’s newly formed Cabinet was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, completing the reconstruction of a government tasked with leading a nation besieged by gang violence. In his address, Prime Minister Garry Conille emphasized the urgent need to bolster security amidst the rampant gang warfare that grips the country.

Conille highlighted the dire humanitarian crisis affecting Haiti, stating, “My dear compatriots, Haiti is facing major challenges. Violence and insecurity are paralyzing our daily lives. The humanitarian crisis is exacerbating the suffering of our most vulnerable citizens.” Gangs currently control at least 80% of Port-au-Prince, the capital.

Haiti is on the brink of receiving a U.N.-backed police force from Kenya, expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Conille called for a moment of silence to honor three police officers who were killed by gangs the previous Sunday. The surge in violence and coordinated attacks by gangs had forced former Prime Minister Ariel Henry to resign in April, leading to the dissolution of his Cabinet. 


During this period, gunmen seized police stations, fired at the main international airport (which remained closed for nearly three months), and stormed Haiti’s two largest prisons. More than 2,500 people were killed or injured in the first quarter of the year, and over half a million were displaced as the country awaited the Kenyan police force’s arrival.

The resignation of former Prime Minister Ariel Henry marked a significant shift in Haiti’s turbulent political environment, paving the way for a transitional council to steer the country through its ongoing challenges. Henry’s resignation, announced on social media, acknowledged the difficulties faced during his tenure and underscored the necessity for strong leadership in trying times. 

/Ariel Henry/

Since agreeing to step down, Henry remained outside Haiti under the protection of the United States Secret Service, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the country’s political leadership. 

Amidst escalating violence and the humanitarian crisis, there is a critical need for coordinated efforts to address Haiti’s complex challenges. Gang dominance over large portions of Port-au-Prince has led to increased violence, massive displacement, and worsened food insecurity for millions.

Henry’s tenure, which began after President Jovenel Moise’s assassination in 2021, was supported by the United States and other Western nations. 


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