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Ekeomah Atuonwu

Heavy rains and flooding wreaked havoc on South Africa’s eastern coast, killing hundreds of people and destroying homes and roads.

Flooding struck the KwaZulu-Natal province, which includes the coastal city of Durban. Roads cracked and deep fissures formed. A massive stack of shipping containers fell into muddy waters. A bridge was washed away, trapping people on both sides.

Since Monday, KwaZulu-Natal has been inundated with heavy rain.

An aerial view shows the destruction at Umdloti Beach, near Durban on Thursday, April 14 /AFP/
Residents collect clean water from a broken pipe on the side of a road in Amaoti on April 14 /AFP/
People drag a carpet into the sun to dry after their home was flooded in Isipingo Beach, Durban, on April 14 /Reuters/
Volunteers work to clean up the debris at the Blue Lagoon beach in Durban, on April 14 /AFP/
The Sapref sports center in Isipingo Beach is seen partially submerged in floodwater /AFP/
People wash their clothes as others work to rebuild a damaged home in Durban on April 14 /AFP/
Displaced people from the Phoenix township, south of Durban, take part in an afternoon prayer on April 13, during the month of Ramadan. They took refuge at the Sastri Park Hall after the flooding /AFP/
Debris is seen surrounding homes in Bhambayi township on April 13 /AFP/
Residents grieve at a church in Clermont, a township in Durban, after four children died following heavy rains and floods. MmeliSokhela, center, lost four children when the church collapsed onto his home./AFP
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, center, visits Clermont on Wednesday, April 13. He spoke to various people grieving at the United Methodist Church of South Africa /AFP/
A road in Pinetown, Durban, was washed away by flood waters on April 12 /Getty Images/
Shipping containers are washed away in Durban on April 12 /Reuters/
People walk across a makeshift bridge after a bridge was swept away in Ntuzuma, South Africa, on April 12 /AP/
Part of the N2 highway is flooded in Durban on April 12 /Reuters/
A river runs around a damaged bridge on April 12 after heavy rains destroyed it near Durban /Shutterstock/
A rescue worker walks with a man who was helped from a flooded workplace near Umlazi, South Africa, on April 12 /AFP/

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