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Lisa Mugo

Jamaican reggae artiste Lila Ike has opened up about her mental health struggles following her social media outburst that took place in November 2021.

The ‘I Spy’ singer sat down with Yendi Phillipps on her show Odyssey with Yendi where she revealed that her rants on Twitter were a result of a manic episode that she experienced. She blamed it on the rate at which her career was moving which was way too fast and over a short period of time.

Lila also revealed that she was completely unaware of her mental health condition and only found out a few weeks ago despite the fact that she had been experiencing the disorder for a while.

Yendi Phillipps /Courtesy/

“After an extreme high, coming off stage, learning about a big accomplishment I almost always go into feeling depressed. Is like everything that you accomplish, your skills and talents get cloudy and you can’t see beyond. I get extremely low and don’t want to do it anymore,” she said.

She recalled that it all began with her being unable to sleep for four to five days which to her she was just insomniac and inspired and so she went live and caused a lot of people to worry about what she had to say. Lila revealed that she was scared and paranoid.

“So recently I had one of those moments. I wasn’t sleeping and I couldn’t seem to steady myself or calm myself down. Within that moment I was scared and paranoid. I’m thinking the only way to protect myself is to go on my ‘live’ because there’s no way he’s gonna hurt me in front of everybody watching. At this point, I’m crying telling people ‘They’re trying to kill me, I need you all to save me, call Protoje, Jazz Rlise, Sevana… somebody’. These are all people that I could have just picked up the phone and called.”

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Her cry for help on social media saw her family and friends take her to hospital where she was immediately put on medication and that was when she learned that she was bipolar and that her series of tweets were a manic episode.

Lila revealed that she is still learning more about her mental health and is also taking steps towards getting better by exercising, eating well and resting. She is also set to release her debut album.

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