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Canisius Mushibwe

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced that former United States of America (USA) President Barack Obama has joined the league in Africa as a partner.


NBA Africa says Obama will assist in advancing the league’s social responsibility efforts throughout the continent – programs and partnerships that support gender equality and economic inclusion.

This partnership will see the former US President have a minority equity share which he’s purposed to use the proceeds to fund the Obama Foundation Youth and Leadership Programs across Africa.

President Barack Obama

NBA Africa oversees Basketball Africa League BAL which features twelve of the best clubs in the continent from different countries.

It aims to expand the NBA’s presence across Africa by strengthening the league’s engagement with players and continue to enhance Africa’s basketball ecosystem through initiatives like the Jr. NBA, Basketball Without Borders (BWB) Africa and NBA Academy Africa.

President Obama partners with NBA AFRICA

Furthermore, NBA Africa has commenced various social responsibility programmes with the purpose of raising awareness of gender-based violence, promoting  girls’ education and improving the livelihoods of youths and families across the continent.

Obama ‘getting it on’

Mr. Obama said basketball has the power to open doors, enhance wellness, equality and empowerment throughout Africa.

” I believe that NBA Africa can make a difference for so many of Africa’s young people,” he said.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver said aside from Obama’s love for the sport, he also has a strong belief in Africa’s immense potential and the tremendous opportunities to grow as a result of the basketball game.

Mr. Silver said the NBA will gain immensely as a result of the partnership.

NBA Africa Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Victor Williams said Mr. Obama’s decision to collaborate with the league in Africa is a recognition that the continent – through sports, is ready to take its legitimate place on the global platform.

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