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Avellon Williams 

SCARBOROUGH, TOBAGO- It has been confirmed that Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu“aka” Burna Boy will perform at the Tobago Music, Arts and Culture Festival (TOMAC) in Plymouth on October 27, 2022.

Burna Boy /Image, WIN/  

Burna Boy is one of the top entertainers in the Afrobeat genre. He is known for mega-hits such as Last Last, Ye, and Kilometre. There are parties planned for the entire month of October, so his performance comes right in the middle of Tobago carnival, which will officially be held October 28-30.

Arlene Lyons /Image, TT/

In a press conference at the Plymouth Recreational Grounds, festival co-organiser Arlene Lyons told the media that she and her sister Corelli founded two companies, Catch the Wave Solutions Inc and Pride of Tobago Foundation, during the covid-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, Tobago’s entrepreneurs were struggling, and Catch the Wave Solutions Inc aims to help them. The Pride of Tobago Foundation aims to explore and promote Tobago’s creatives, she said.

The event is being organized by Nylon Pool Productions, Island Breeze Entertainment Group, and Catch the Wave Solutions Inc.

/Image, YT/

“TOMAC is not just an event. TOMAC is the natural outgrowth of this Lyons’ legacy and more specifically it is the manifestation of a movement started by this two-woman powerhouse, to spark what we call a cultural revival and an economic reawakening that draws on Tobago’s abundant talent to create hope, opportunity, and prosperity for the people of Tobago for generations to come.”

/Image, DW/

She said the festival slated for October 24 to 28 at the Plymouth Recreational Grounds will be heavily focused on the African roots of the island and provide historical information and artifacts.

The event is also expected to feature performances from Kes the Band, Lyrikal, and Nailah Blackman. It will also include a tribute to veteran calypsonian Lord Nelson.

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