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By Avellon Williams

BRIDGETOWN- BARBADOS – The Prime Minister (PM) of Barbados; Mia Mottley has called on Barbadians to respect each other’s views regarding the issue of vaccination.

Barbados Prime Minister, Ms. Mia Mottley

Recognizing that this is a very divisive issue, Ms. Mottley stated that she is of the firm view that vaccination should be ‘Voluntary and not Mandatory’.  

She reminded citizens that COVID-19 has affected almost every household on the Island in one form or another, therefore they should not allow the issue of vaccination to have any negative effect on the country.

Ms. Mottley pointed out the fact that divisions exist in almost every household on issues such as religion, therefore, it is understandable that within the same household, people will have divergent views on vaccination.

She promised to reach out to the population in an attempt to persuade those who are hesitant to get vaccinated because the evidence from the international research proves that vaccines do save lives and prevent hospitalizations.

However, she stated that in some sectors, a greater effort must be made by workers to get vaccinated. While 80% of health care workers are vaccinated, Ms. Mottley is of the view that more needs to be done.

United States welcomes COVID-19 Vaccines to Barbados

Despite the best efforts of the Government in promoting vaccination for the population, thre PM stated that there will never be 100% participation in any venture and while she continues to urge people to get vaccinated, she assured those who choose not to, for whatever reason, their rights will be respected. What is important is for every citizen to do their part in fighting the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Barbados shore line
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    I truly miss the days when the PSA TV and Media Personnels at PSA use to put out stories worth reading like this.
    They bounce they head real bad Ms. Williams when that dictator fired you

    They bounce they head real bad Ms. Williams when that dictator fired you.
    Talent and class can’t hide…
    Well written Ms. Williams

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