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Moses Makwaya – Lusaka, Zambia 🇿🇲

● The Zambian Governnmet has released over 250 thousand US Dollars (4.5 million Kwacha) to the Road Development  Agency (RDA) to help in renovating some roads which have recently been hot spots for road fatalities. 
● The government has also called upon health workers especially psychosocial counsellors to intensify community sensitisation on the seriousness of mental health as reports of suicide cases flood the news. 


Lately, the country has recorded an increase in road accidents which have claimed several lives with some still in critical conditions.  

The minister of Information and Media who is also government’s spokesperson, Chusi Kasanda said on Thursday  that the number of fatalities on the road is alarming and of great concern. 

Chusi Kasanda, government official /Courtesy/

In a statement released to the media, Miss Kasanda cited a road accident which occurred in Mpika Muchinga Province where five people were killed and 35 sustained injuries after the bus they were in, hit into a pot-hole and dived into a stream.  

“Government acknowledges the deplorable state of some of the roads and understands that this could also contribute towards the increased numbers of accidents.

It’s for this reason that Government has released K4.5 million to the Road Development Agency (RDA) to quickly start the process of mending potholes on some strategic roads across the country.” Miss Kasanda said. 

Mpika road accident /Courtesy/

The Minister advised motorists and stakeholders  to take caution when using the roads as road safety is a shared responsibility. 

She implored motorists to obey traffic rules and drive within acceptable speed limits especially in areas that are still experiencing  heavy downpours.
“Government reiterates its call on law enforcement authorities to step up their enforcement operations and for motorists to exercise extra caution on public roads to prevent further carnages”.


Meanwhile, Government expressed it’s concern with the escalating suicide cases being witnessed in the Southern African Country.  

“Government acknowledges that mental health is an important aspect of the citizens’ wellbeing and should be given the priority and attention it deserves.””It ought to be stressed that our health facilities, across the country, are well equipped to manage issues of mental health and remain accessible to all,” the minister said. 

Chusi Kasanda

Miss Kasanda therefore called on Zambians to visit health facilities for counselling whenever they are faced with mental health challenges.

(YANA) Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organization in Zambia working to promote mental health in the youth /Courtesy/
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