We are an online media magazine with a mission to highlight stories of African/ Black people through feature articles and news coverage to edify, educate, empower, enlighten, expose, and equip us to rise to the occasion.

We are set to galvanize our audience to assert and reassert agency by being the authors of what concerns us as a people – collectively. Our famous African son, Chinua Achebe recalled an African proverb, “until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

It is with this in mind, that we have set on an adventure to rediscover narratives, history and chart a new course – authored by us (People of African descent), though our own lens, experiences and values passed on from generations to generations.

We fully embrace the mission of telling our own stories with context and understanding. We invite our audience to join us in these adventures, explore our rich cultural heritage; challenge and celebrate the qualities of our resilience to forge a better future now onwards and for generations to come.

Our programming can be summarized as – NEWS ARTICLES that range from politics to entertainment, from business outlines to law and justice; FEATURE STORIES – video files that range from documentaries to news reports, from talk shows to live casts of major events, etc.

Africa Equity Media (AEM) seeks to highlight events and accounts of OWNERSHIP from business enterprises to platforms and systems. We believe, encourage our audience to think differently because we have more say in shaping the future, we want by digging deeper and to cease the opportunities within, around and without. That is by no means ignoring to challenge systems that are designed to undermine our communities.

AEM has a pipeline or developing productions, some of which will appear under the brand AEM whereas some will be stand alone brands to be licensed/ syndicated for distribution.

Welcome, join us, follow all our online media platforms and we can promise it will be an exhilarating adventure.