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Over a day ago, South African hip-hop superstar AKA, Kieran Forbes was vindicated and named 50 percent owner of The Braai Show, to be aired on the South African Broadcast Channel, SABC.

The news came after six months of back and forth between AKA, Cake Media, MakhuduCom and the SABC with regards to who owns the rights for the show.

In a statement released, AKA announced victory. “This morning, justice was finally served. I received confirmation of what I have always said: That I own The Braai Show”

“This matter for me has always been about business principles and asserting my rights to my intellectual property. It is about the injustices that continue to befall us in the creative industry and the violation of our trust by those we work with, who continue to exploit us,” part of the statement read, adding that he owns 50 percent of the show.

To flex his victory and get some things off of his chest, he released a short clip from what sounds like a song. The Hip Hop song sees him return to the essence of what we love about AKA, punchy and truthful rhymes over well made beats.

He starts the short clip off by mentioning the dark hole he was in when 2021 began, saying that a lot of people around him were mentioning that his best days were behind him. 

AKA praised the late South African Rapper Riky Rick, who recently passed away after commiting suicide, for initially turning down the offer to host the show – amid the public spat.

 SA super mega star, AKA has been vindicated and legally afforded rights to The Braai Show /Courtesy/

“Shout out to Makhado, principles, morals. They said come in host the Braai Show, he said no ways! That’s more than I can say for your fave. Around the time that I was suicidal. The narrative was Supa Mega doesn’t have bread. He ain’t got the stamina to win the comrade,” he raps.  

Besides addressing the issue pertaining to The Braai Show, he touches on the reason why he is a big deal. He has shared the stage and space with some of the South Africa Hip Hop icons.

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