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Lisa Mugo

Instagram has booted Ye for 24 hours following attacks on Kim Kardashian, Trevor Noah, Pete Davidson, Darryl Lynn Hughley and others.

During his suspension from the gram, Ye will not be able to post, respond to DMs or comment on anything.

The move has come after the ‘Eazzy’ rapper took jabs at a vast array of celebrities just this week. The newest ones include South African comedian Trevor Noah and actor Darryl Lynn Hughley. Let’s go back in time to when Pete Davidson who is popularly referred to as ‘Skete’ by Ye finally clapped back at him.

Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson /Courtesy/

The world woke up to a series of videos on Kanye’s Instagram on Sunday morning where he was ranting about not being able to see his children yet again and not having a say in their lives. 

Kanye took multiple swings at Kim and the KarJenner family in general where he stated that he had no say in the school that his kids go to and added that he does not want his children to go to Sierra Canyon in California as he termed it as ‘godless.’

He also made it known that he is not the only one facing the problem but also Tristan who shares a child with Khloe Kardashian. He noted that he is waiting to see if Travis Scott who shares two children with Kylie Jenner will have a say in what school their kids will attend.

Kim’s response to Kanye saying she does not let him see their children /Courtesy/

Kanye was mad because he wanted his children to attend his usual Sunday service but allegedly, Kim did not cooperate. He added that he in no way wants to get back together with Kim and that he has moved on. He also called out his fellow celebrities for failing to speak up against ‘this bitter baby mama behaviour.’

Kanye’s text message to Kim Kardashian /Courtesy/

To everyone’s surprise, Pete’s writing partner Dave Sirus posted screenshots of conversations between Ye and Pete. Pete texted Ye letting him know that it was way too early in the morning for them to be going through the usual drama. He also came to Kim’s defense stating that she is the best mother that he has ever met.

He also let Ye know that he is done being quiet and that he is going to stand up for him and Kim.

Pete Davidson’s text messages with Kanye West /Courtesy/

Kanye who seemingly wanted to ‘take it outside’ and handle things as he said he would, asked Pete for his location to which Pete bragged about being in bed with his wife and even shared a picture of himself in bed.

After a back-and-forth confrontation Pete revealed that he wants to help Ye with his mental health seeing as he has dealt with mental health issues himself.

Pete Davidson’s text messages with Kanye West /Courtesy/

In true Kanye fashion, he took down the posts after a couple of hours and began posting again, this time he hit back at Pete wondering why he referred to Kim as his wife yet she is legally single. He also posted a news headline where Pete allegedly enraged his audience due to talking about having intercourse with a baby.

Kanye captioned the post with “yet another reason why SKETE gotta stay away from my children.” He also pointed out that Pete recently had yet another mental breakdown and is worried that he might get Kim hooked on drugs.

Flashforward to Wednesday, Kanye posted a google search of Trevor Noah and referred to him as a ‘coon’ which is an extremely offensive racial slur.

Kanye’s post to Trevor Noah /Courtesy

“All in together now… koon baya my Lord koon baya koonbaya my Lord koon baya,” read the caption.

This came after Trevor Noah addressed the ongoing feud between Kim and Kanye on The Daily Show. He stated that while Kim loves publicity, she could be getting harassed by Ye.

Trevor took to Kanye’s comment section and left him a heart felt message where he made it clear that he is not going about things the right way and that he should know the difference between fighting his family and fighting for his family.

Trevor Noah’s response to Kanye West /Courtesy/

“You’re an indelible part of my life Ye. Which is why it breaks my heart to see you like this. I don’t care if you support Trump and I don’t care if you roast Pete. I do however care when I see you on a path that’s delicately close to peril and pain,” read the comment.

Trevor also pointed out that black men should not go against each other, especially when they disagree.

“Don’t ever forget, the biggest trick racists ever played on black people was teaching us to strip each other of our blackness whenever we disagree,” he continued.

Kanye took down the post immediately after Trevor’s response, maybe so that they can discuss things privately and settle their differences.

Kanye’s post directed at D.L Hughley /Courtesy/

He later posted a picture of D.L Hughley attacking him for his choice of wardrobe then posted another picture of him attacking his jokes stating they are funny but you need to listen to them over and over again for you to understand.

D.L Hughley’s response to Kanye via Twitter /Courtesy/

Hughley did not take it lightly and responded in a series of tweets letting Ye know that he made Kim go white. 

“#Kanye do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a #Kardashian date a white man! #TeamDl,” read one tweet.

From then on, Kanye has been unable to respond to Hughley’s tweets as he has been suspended on Instagram.

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