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Lisa Mugo

South Africa’s 🇿🇦 biggest Hip-Hop artistes Cassper Nyovest and AKA have sparked up their old beef as Cassper has challenged AKA to get in the ring once again for a boxing match to determine which one of them is really the king of Hip-Hop.

It all started when a fan asked Cassper if he is planning on fighting AKA and to which he responded saying that he has been trying to get him in the ring but AKA keeps going into hiding.

“He doesn’t have the balls to come see me in the ring. Plain and simple. I would love to give him a hiding!!!” said Cassper.

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest, Image: Jabu King /Courtesy/

The two were set to fight in 2021 but unfortunately AKA lost his fiancé Anelie Tembe who committed suicide and so Cassper did not find it appropriate to fight him at a time when he was down. He even revealed that his father advised him not to do so and to wait for him to heal first.

AKA who has been retweeting Cassper’s tweets that involve him alluded that they did not get in the ring simple because Cassper called off the match and even shared an article that backed up his claims.

Cassper did not take it lightly and back talked at AKA challenging him to get in the ring and refering to him as a ‘hooligan’ adding that the back and forths are boring and that they should just get in the ring. He even wants to fight him in April on the same day he is scheduled to fight Naak Musiq in Sun City, South Africa.

AKA with his late fiancé Anele Tembe
AKA Instagram /Courtesy/

The two Hip-Hop power houses who used to be friends have been beefing for many years but the cause of their beef is still unknown.

“You wanna be a hooligan all your life brother? We grown now!!! The back and forths are boring. Let’s get a date. I would even fight you right after I drop Naak at Sun City, you can jump in right there and get a free ass whopping . @Akaworldwide. Let’s go !!! Stop talking!! Act!!!,” read the tweet.

According to AKA, there really was no reason for their beef but they just felt like two of South Africa’s greatest artistes could not co-exist in the same industry.

Hip-Hop artiste AKA, Galo Images /Courtesy/

“Competition, when you’re in the same space. Hip-hop brews that… you know how these things start mehn. Ultimately it was really about ‘yo, we finna be the doggs and there’s not enough space for the both of us’. I don’t even think there is a reason,” said AKA.

He added that he is entirely grateful for their beef as it gave them the opportunity to become even better artistes and to perfect their craft. @casspernyovest @akaworldwide #cassperandakabeef

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