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American rapper cum actor and producer Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent has decided to put TV network Starz on blast, packed up his belongings and left the network.

The rapper is seemingly furious about the fact that Starz is not renewing Power Book IV: Force, for season 2 despite the fact that the show is currently the highest rated at the moment. The network has instead chosen to renew Hightown.

50 took to his Instagram where he shared a series of posts expressing his frustrations with the network and letting them know as well as the public that he is leaving the network and taking his team and their scripts with him.

50 Cent directing hit TV show Power /Courtesy/

“This is me packing my stuff, STARZ 😵 Sucks, my deal is up over here I’m out. If I told you how much dumb sh*t I deal with over here. 🤦‍♂️,” read the post.

50 Cent

They Renewed HIGH TOWN and FORCE is the highest rated show they have it sitting in limbo.

50 is the mastermind behind Starz’s hit franchise Power which began in 2014 with just one single series about a drug dealer called ‘Ghost’ who is trying to venture into legitimate business but faces many encounters that make it hard for him to leave. Power has since birthed three other TV series; Ghost, Raising Kanan and Force. 

It is unclear where 50 will go next but his fans are rooting for him by encouraging him to start his own network while others have even cancelled their Starz subscriptions adding that they only subscribed to watch the Power franchise.

Hit TV series Power /Courtesy/
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