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By Avellon Williams

COVID-19 pandemic is typically causing  fundamental uncertainty and understandably many are feeling duly worried about the current climate.

This has ushered into a gradual rise in African Dance as some may also refer to it as Afro-Beats Dance.

The term African dance or Afro-beats dance refers mainly to the numerous dance styles, it is in common a diverse and fascinating style originating from Sub-Saharan Africa. 

South African superstar musician & writer Nothule Nkwanyana AKA ‘Nomcebo Zikode’ /courtesy/

It is a cultural evolution from traditional African dance styles following the unique creation of Afro-Beats music. The historical dance was developed naturally as a effective response to the musical genre’s incredibly energetic and upbeat rhythm.

West Africans have always had a distinct culture of rhythms and moves, hence why the new breed of Afro-dancers are blooming on the international passage with their dance moves through social media.

Getting down with it /courtesy/

Modern music and exotic dancing are an integral part of many traditional African societies, which utilizes the cultural concepts of polyrhythm and total body articulation which is viewed in close connection.

African music especially West African’s tunes are progressively extended throughout personalized playlists across the world.

This unique hybrid of highlife, hip-hop, and global beats are typically setting Africa’s dance floors alight in this modern generation.

Humorous songs and entertaining dances facilitate teaching and promoting social values, celebrating special events and major life milestones, and other recitations, and spiritual experiences.

Now Afro-beats music is the new intentional wave of virulent music reaching outside of the continent and into the rest of the world.

Afro-beats international influence /courtesy/

The music and dance is deeply rooted in the culture and history. It is so much more than just entertainment, it is used as a form of communication, storytelling, prayer, rite of passage, and more.

Dance – a stress relief & expression of feelings /courtesy/

Some African music and dances are passed down from generation to generation and are never changed. Others have evolved and inspired some of the world’s most popular dance styles such as tap dancing, the jitterbug, hip-hop, jazz, and more.

With the onset of COVID-19 and its necessary restrictions, everyone is seeking fitness, stress relief, healing, and connection during moments like this

As Afro-beats rapidly swell, afro-dance cannot be sidelined. Let your conscious mind and body dance to distinctive sounds during this lockdown.

South African superstar musician & writer Kgaogelo Moagi AKA ‘Master KG’ /courtesy/

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