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Jollof, music, dance, art, culture, and contest. Taking place on July 23rd, the Atlanta Jollof, Music & Food Festival will provide an authentic African experience. 

In a day-long festival presented by Akon Lights Africa, a company founded by hip-hop star Akon, the iconic Jollof dish will be celebrated. During the festival, a contest will be held to determine which West African country makes the best Jollof – a winner will be chosen in the “Jollof Wars”.

Here is the official announcement from Akon for the festival.

Known as one of West Africa’s traditional most loved dishes, Jollof is full of complex flavors, spices, and love that you can taste in each bite. Originally from West Africa, the dish can be served on its own or with meat. There is also a long-standing, heated argument over which country makes the best Jollof.

Taking place in Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Jollof, Music and Food Festival will feature African food, music, and entertainment. Head-to-head competition between representatives from different countries will determine the country with the best Jollof rice, according to the organizers.

There will be representatives from African countries where Jollof is highly popular, such as Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Senegal, Akon’s homeland. According to the organizers, there can only be one winner.

However, the festival isn’t just about food. A variety of cultural activities will also be held during the event. Throughout the day, participants will be treated to music, art, dance, and so much more. 

Live performances will be given by Rotimi, Afro B, Focalistic, Nektunez, Salma Slims, Nana Kofi, and of course, Akon. The event will also feature black-owned Atlanta businesses selling Ankara prints, jewelry, paintings, clothing, and more. 

The Akon Lights Africa project was started by Akon and Samba Bathily in 2014, to provide electricity in Africa through solar energy. Their initial technique consists of installing solar street lights and small energy systems.

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There are 14 countries in which the company operates, including Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Sierra Leone.

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