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The first formal Black owned Wallstreet – the DREAM EXCHANGE is the first majority black-owned stock exchange in America’s history.

Managing Partner Dwain J Kyles and his group – DX Capital Partners have a controlling interest of the Dream Exchange market and are intended to bring in companies not represented previously into the US capital systems.

The average Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Wallstreet is $180 million which has left many small and midsized businesses locked out.

“Over 92% of the jobs created are by companies after an IPO” – Dwain Kyles.

Dwain Kyles
Dwain J Kyles, attorney and Managing Partner of DX Capital Partners. Image credit: /Sage Collective/
Dream Exchange according to Kyles will create access to companies with a valuation of less than $50 million to work into the capital system and eventually to a point of IPO.

The Dream Exchange provides the market for small companies to trade and provide a more liquidity through the investment market for newer companies and retail investors.

Joe Cecala, founder and CEO, Dream Exchange. Image credit: /Mondo Visione/

According to Joe Cecala, the Dream Exchange Founder and CEO on the stock markets – “it’s not a place that minorities have ever sought capital. So there have only been two companies in the 230-year history of the New York Stock Exchange to become public.”

The goal of the this new exchange is to reduce the racial wealth gap and the creation of capital opportunities in the small and mid cap markets for entrepreneurs and the investing public for great and small companies traded on the exchange.

For more information on Dream Exchange, follow the link below 🔗🖇

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