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Faith Nyasuguta 

On April 13, 2024, the electrifying thriller ‘Thief’, directed by Andrew Odera and Kiwo Maole, premiered to critical acclaim at Century Cinemax in Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi.

Set in Nairobi, ‘Thief’ follows the compelling journey of Oliver (Lucarelli Onyango), a reformed ex-thief facing the daunting task of saving his critically ill son. When presented with the chance to secure his son’s future through a daring heist of Donna’s (Helen Keli) fortune, Oliver grapples with the conflict between desperation and morality.

“We are thrilled to bring ‘Thief’ to audiences worldwide,” said directors Andrew Odera and Kiwo Maole. “It’s a story that resonates with universal themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption. We believe audiences will connect with these characters and find moments of inspiration in their resilience.”

“Thief” delves into themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the consequences of desperate choices,” said Mike Strano, Co-Founder & COO of MyMovies.Africaâ„¢. “With its intricate plot twists and emotionally charged scenes, the film promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish.”

Helen Keli, who portrays Donna, expressed her gratitude for being part of ‘Thief’, praising the team’s dedication and talent. “Being part of ‘Thief’ was incredibly rewarding,” she said. “Witnessing the final product left me in awe, and I feel fortunate to have contributed to such an exceptional project.”

Neville Misati, who plays Edward, shared his excitement about the film’s reception and his future collaborations with the directors. “The final edit of the movie exceeded my expectations,” he said. “I expect to partner a lot with Kiwo and Andrew on future shoots.”

‘Thief’ premieres worldwide on MyMovies.Africa™.  Pictured (Left to Right) are Peter Kawa of Sanaa Post, Andrew Odera of Miyale Studios, Kiwo Maole of Kiwo Films and Mike Strano of YAKWETU™ /Courtesy/

Lucarelli Onyango, portraying Oliver, reflected on his profound experience working on ‘Thief’ and praised the directors’ dedication. “The dedication shown by Andrew and Kiwo was a rarity in the Kenyan Film Industry,” he said. “The film has immense potential and deserves recognition on a global scale.”

Simultaneously premiering online, ‘Thief’ is now available to rent or own globally via Digital Cinema Extension – MyMovies.Africaâ„¢.

For those who missed the premiere, #WeWatchKenyan with MyMovies.Africaâ„¢ will feature ‘Thief’ on April 27, 2024, at OUT Reality, The Mall, Westlands Nairobi, with a screening followed by an exclusive Q&A session with the cast and crew.


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