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By Avellon Williams

St. George, GRENADA – Dubbed as the Isle of Spice, because of its wealth of nutmeg, all spice, clove, and cinnamon, Grenada gained its Independence from Britain in 1974 and has always been an integral part of the Caribbean region; it is also one of the smallest independent countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Among its notable achievements is the winning of the men’s 400 meters gold medal in the London Olympics in 2012 and again in the just concluded Olympics in Japan this year by its star athlete Kirani James.

Grenada – World Atlas / courtesy/

Much like the rest of the world, this Caribbean Jewel has not been left unscathed by the Global Pandemic COVID-19.

But, as is evident by the resilience of its people after the-ill fated revolution, Grenada will overcome the pandemic aftermath and shine like never before as it lures more tourists to its intoxicating natural beauty not withstanding its beautiful people.

World Atlas /courtesy/

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