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Faith Nyasuguta

She is not your normal content creator, while she is outstanding at what she does, Elsa Majimbo is also very intentional. Growing up, she always knew that she was destined for greatness and purposed in her heart to become filthy rich.


Her stint as a comedian kicked off during the pandemic in 2020 when she decided to take advantage of the quenchless demand for content. She grew her Instagram and Tik Tok by delivering content that perfectly juxtaposed the teenage desire to be recognized and a rebellion against the humble culture that is making waves in pop culture today. 

While very audacious, her skits manage to remain extremely hilarious. This is partly because what she utters and her appearance are completely on opposite ends of the spectrum. This makes her comedy oddly entertaining.

The viewpoint from her skits is the perfect representation of the sentiments hidden deep in the hearts of people who are afraid to express their deepest feelings, lest they risk appearing insensitive and self-absorbed.


Her first skit came at a time when she had no money and was performing badly in school, yet she made a video describing how you need to speak to her manager before you can book an appointment with her.” 

She also famously stated in the skit that she “didn’t go looking for fame, fame came looking for me.” It was this audacity that made fans fall in love with her. 

Currently listed as the youngest individual on the Forbes list, the Forbes 30 under 30 to be precise, Elsa Majimbo’s rise to stardom since the pandemic has been meteoric, and quite frankly, inspiring.


Majimbo is a 21-year-old Kenyan who identifies as African. During her interview with Forbes, she clarified that she doesn’t identify with just one country because she views all of Africa as her home.


Her trajectory has so far been ironic to say the least, given that she is a highly intelligent individual, who detests the idea of going to school. 

As a chess champion, she initially did not envision a career in media or entertainment but shot her shot in the space once one of her videos went viral. 

She came to the conclusion that she could hit to birds with a single stone, one, exploiting her newfound fame to acquire the fortune she had always eyed and eliminating the need to ever set foot inside another classroom.

She noted that she always felt like she was going to be special, but never imagined that this was how it was going to happen the way it did. 


In 2021, she moved from her hometown of Nairobi to Los Angeles, where she has perfectly acclimated herself to the LA lifestyle. She told Forbes that she loves everything about the city, particularly its materialistic and beautiful nature.

 “I can never imagine myself living anywhere other than LA.” She said.

Indeed, her transition from Nairobi-based content creator to LA-based influencer is the perfect example of manifesting your dreams with your words. 

Despite this, her journey to the top was not entirely rosy. During the earlier phase of her career, she received a lot of backlash because of her comedy niche. As she stated, comedy in Kenya at the time was based on self-hatred, as those who were considered funny in Kenya were those who made light of their horrible experiences. 

But just then, the nation was introduced to a comedian who refused to join the fold, a comedian who could remain hilarious while talking about a more refined lifestyle, and this did not sit well with Kenyan media consumers. With this, she left the nation and resolved never to return.

Elsa Majimbo on Steve Harvey’s web show


Since the beginning of her career, her monologues have been featured on Comedy Central several times. She has partnered with Fenti, Logitec, Beats by Dre, IMG models, Coke, Bumble, and more.

She has been lauded by big names such as Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, Joan Smalls, Miss Universe, Anderson Cooper, Zozibini Tunzi, Snoop Dogg, and Cassper Nyovest.

She has appeared on Steve on Watch, a Facebook web TV talk show hosted by Steve Harvey. She has also been featured by Forbes. She made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2023 and was the youngest person in it.

She has graced the covers of Teen Vogue, Verified Hapar’s Baazar, GQ South Africa, and Maison Valentino campaigns. She was also a keynote Speaker for the 2022 SheBelieves Summit, presented by Deloitte. 

She has won ‘entertainer of the year’ awards for both GQ South Africa and FORBES WOMAN AFRICA. She has also won the E! People’s Choice Awards and the YouTube Streamy. 


Her three-year career so far has been nothing short of spectacular, as she continues to record win after win. She is currently known by many as the chip-eating hot-air comedian, but if her trajectory continues on this path, she is sure to become a movie star in Hollywood seeing as she stated that that’s the next phase of her career.

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