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Wayne Lumbasi

A man has been charged in Las Vegas with the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. The hip-hop star – regarded as one of the most influential rappers of all time – was shot dead in the Nevada city in September 1996.

For many years, Tupac’s death was shrouded in mystery. While many theories had arisen, no arrests had been made in connection with the shooting, despite a long investigation.

Police arrested a suspect in connection with the murder on Friday, September 29.

Tupac, then 25, was riding in a black BMW with Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge Knight” to a nightclub after watching Mike Tyson knock out Bruce Seldon in the WBA heavyweight championship.

A Cadillac pulled up next to the BMW while it was stopped at a red light. Tupac was shot four times. He was taken to hospital, where he died six days later. Las Vegas police have charged Duane “Keffe D” Davis with the murder of Tupac Shakur some 27 years after the rapper was gunned down. Davis was arrested early Friday morning. He faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon with a gang enhancement.


Las Vegas Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo described Davis as the “on-ground, on-site commander” who “ordered the death” of Shakur.

Davis is a former member of the Compton Crips and uncle of the late Orlando Anderson, the latter of whom was previously identified as a suspect in Shakur’s murder, but was never charged with any crime. In July, police executed a search warrant on Davis’ home in Henderson, Nevada, as they looked for personal notes, photos, and other documents relevant to the rapper’s death.

During the search, police collected multiple computers, a cellphone and hard drive, an issue of Vibe magazine featuring Shakur, several .40-caliber bullets, two “tubs containing photographs,” and a copy of Davis’ 2019 memoir Compton Street Legend, in which he admitted to being in the Cadillac that pulled up to Shakur and Suge Knight.

Tupac Shakur has remained one of the most famous and important rappers of all-time, even nearly 30 years after his death. The “California Love” rapper rose to fame in the early 90s, performing under the name 2pac (and occasionally Makaveli).

Records like All Eyez on Me and Me against the World are considered classics, and he continues to inspire young artists to this day.

Legend rapper and Hip hop icon Tupac Shakur. Image: /Courtesy/
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