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Faith Nyasuguta 

The United States has announced some $172 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the people of Sudan and neighboring countries experiencing the impacts of the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, disclosed this on Tuesday night.

With this funding, the United States has provided over $550 million in humanitarian assistance this fiscal year for Sudan and neighbouring countries, including Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, to respond to the needs of refugees, internally displaced persons, and all affected by conflict in the region.

For this humanitarian assistance to have the greatest possible impact and save countless lives, Blinken said Sudanese authorities must remove the onerous bureaucratic and security restrictions that are hindering shipments of lifesaving aid.

Currently, life-saving supplies are being held at customs and are routed through long, dangerous roads in order to reach communities most in need.

Further.  aid workers are unable to get the visas required to enter the country and to deliver assistance. Saudi Arabia and the United States have continued engaging the parties daily to facilitate humanitarian assistance deliveries.

“The United States calls on authorities to remove these barriers and ensure safe, unhindered humanitarian access to save lives and alleviate suffering.”

The United States remains the largest single donor of humanitarian assistance to the people of Sudan, and we will continue our support for vulnerable populations within Sudan and those forced to flee due to conflict.”

“While we seek to identify further ways to help, we continue to believe that a ceasefire and negotiated solution are the best ways to achieve a long-term solution that addresses the causes of this humanitarian crisis,” he said.


With over 2.5 million people already displaced inside and outside of Sudan, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) earlier this week called for an urgent funding to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to Sudan and neighbouring countries.

Half of the Sudanese population – some 25 million people – are in need of humanitarian aid and protection, the UN agency added in a statement.

The IOM remarks came ahead of a high-level pledging event to support the humanitarian response in Sudan set to hold in Geneva.

According to the latest IOM figures, more than 1.9 million people had been displaced internally by Sunday, while 550,000 others had crossed into neighboring countries.

“The ongoing hostilities and rise of violence against the civilian population in the country have exacerbated the humanitarian and displacement crisis,” it said, adding that over the weekend, at least 15, 000 people were forced to flee to Chad due to fighting in El Geneina and other locations in West Darfur.

There were several hundred wounded, including families and children separated from their caregivers, the IOM said, noting that most of them arrived on foot, horseback, or in pickup vehicles and were typically in poor physical condition and had no possessions.

“IOM and partners have scaled up their presence and responses in Sudan and at key border points and areas in neighbouring countries hosting people who have fled Sudan; however, increasing needs are rapidly outpacing the resources available,” it cautioned.

Othman Belbeisi, the IOM’s Middle East and North Africa regional director, said: “We appeal to the international community to urgently support relief efforts and mobilise financial resources to meet the mounting needs inside and outside Sudan. IOM calls on all parties to ensure safe access for humanitarian aid workers to reach those most in need.”

Sudan has been ravaged by fighting between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) since April 15. Nearly 1,000 civilians have been killed and thousands injured in the violence, according to local medics.


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