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Lisa Mugo

It’s officially Beyonce day, as the singer has finally released her much awaited album, Renaissance act I and it’s already trending on social media.

Beyonce has also addressed the album leak which happened days ago stating that she is extremely proud and grateful that her fans waited until the proper release date for them to listen to the album. She also revealed that she has never seen anything like this before.

Beyonce’s statement regarding the leak /Beyonce Instagram/

“I appreciate you all for calling out anyone that was trying to sneak into the club early. It means the world to me,” she said.

Anyway, lets dive into the album review, shall we? It consists of 16 songs, yup, the queen has blessed us with 16 songs and there are more hits to come as she has only released one part of the three-act album.

This is not the typical Bey that we are used to, the album is giving all kinds of vibes, from 80’s vibes, vogue vibes, dance music vibes, a touch of afro vibes. She literally found a way of bringing different genres and married them into her own unique sound.

Beyonce /Beyonce/

Speaking of the transitions, they are so different from what we are typically used to. It is hard to tell when some of the songs end and others begin. Bey found a way of fusing them and making them sound like it is still the same song playing.

Only when you are about 30 seconds into the new track will you notice that it is a different song playing.

Nigerian superstar Tems /Google Images/

Move, which was partly written by Nigerian queen, Tems, is one of my personal favorites as it brought out my ‘wiggle’, just like Bey hoped her album would.

Overall, the album is definitely the album of the year and is on its way to winning a Grammy Award, the queen wrote the album for three years and spent lots of late nights in the studio and we can tell. The album is a masterpiece, and there is clearly no denying it.

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