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HAVANA, CUBA- In a global poll of the best destinations to practice snorkeling, a type of diving that allows recreational exploration beneath the ocean’s surface, the Bounce platform recognized in tourism ranked Cuba the third-best destination in the world.

/Image, TA/

Several media outlets have reported on a study published on the company’s website that analyzes which oceans and seas are best for fans of this sport, based on factors including coral reef areas, fish species, and tours of this mode.

Cuba received a score of 7.14 points out of 10 from the investigation, ranking third together with the United States, and only behind Australia and the Maldives, according to the dispatch.

Cuba’s coral reef /Image, TC/

The Caribbean island secured this endorsement because it has coral reefs covering 3,020 square kilometers and there are 1,103 species of fish, 44 of which are endangered.

Furthermore, it offers 46 snorkeling excursions in the different diving points along its coasts, has a 0% plastic waste global emission rate, and the sea temperature ranges from 27.5 to 30.53 degrees Celsius.

Maria la Gorda beach, Cuba /Image, VDLC/

There are several sites that stand out for this practice such as the Maria la Gorda beach near the western end of the island, the Bay of Pigs south of Matanzas, Jibacoa, one hour south of Havana, and the keys in the north of the central-eastern part of the island.

As per the Bounce platform, Australia is ranked first due to its second largest area of coral reefs in the world, equivalent to 17.22% of the global coral reef area.

Maldives Tourism /Image, TP/

The Maldives, ranked second, hosting almost 3.14% of all coral reefs worldwide, but a neoprene suit and equipment are required for diving in the water due to the low temperatures.

The natural environment, including its marine ecosystem, is one of Cuba’s most notable attractions, especially for tourists who prefer such experiences, and the government intends to receive over 2.5 million tourists this year as a result of this.

Snorkeling in Cuba /Image, AC/

With the island going through a deep crisis exacerbated by the impact of the pandemic, the United States embargo against the island, and internal inefficiencies, the smokeless industry represents one of the island’s best bets.

As per official figures, tourism is the second-highest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, and also the second source of foreign currency income.

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