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Faith Nyasuguta

In a highly anticipated and widely observed meeting held in Beijing on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the enduring and flourishing partnership between their respective nations. 

The talks unfolded against the backdrop of a grand military reception at the illustrious Great Hall of the People, marking the momentous occasion of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Russia.

President Xi Jinping took center stage, articulating the paramount significance of maintaining steadfast and harmonious ties between China and Russia. He underscored their pivotal role not only in safeguarding the fundamental interests of both nations but also in fostering regional and global peace, stability, and prosperity. 

“We will continually consolidate the deep-seated friendship between our two peoples for generations to come, jointly pursue the development and rejuvenation of our nations, and collaborate to uphold fairness and justice on the global stage,” President Xi affirmed, encapsulating the spirit of unwavering cooperation and solidarity.

Echoing President Xi’s sentiments, President Vladimir Putin extolled the robust and multifaceted nature of the bilateral relations between China and Russia. He hailed the profound convergence of interests and objectives in the realms of national development and economic prosperity. 


Drawing attention to a notable milestone in bilateral economic collaboration, President Putin highlighted the decision to conduct transactions in national currencies, specifically rubles and yuan, which has substantially invigorated bilateral trade. 

“At present, approximately 90% of all transactions are settled in rubles and yuan,” President Putin disclosed, underlining the significance of this strategic shift in bolstering trade ties between the two nations.

Moreover, President Putin shed light on the impressive array of 80 large-scale joint investment projects spanning diverse sectors, including energy, infrastructure, and technology. This comprehensive portfolio stands as a testament to the depth and breadth of economic cooperation between China and Russia, serving as a beacon of mutual prosperity and advancement.

Despite facing external pressures emanating from third-party actors, both leaders reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to fostering a relationship characterized by boundless possibilities and unfettered collaboration—a pact originally enshrined in a historic agreement signed in 2022, shortly before Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

While China maintains a stance of neutrality regarding the conflict in Ukraine, it has lent its tacit support to Russia’s assertion that the crisis was precipitated by provocative actions from Western powers. The ongoing synergy between China and Russia continues to play a pivotal role in shaping their respective international strategies and augmenting their regional influence.

In a gesture of goodwill and camaraderie, President Xi Jinping extended warm congratulations to President Vladimir Putin on his reelection to a fifth term, reaffirming the enduring bonds of friendship and partnership that bind their nations together. “We are not just good neighbors; we are good friends and good partners,” President Xi proclaimed, encapsulating the essence of the enduring rapport between China and Russia.

In essence, the high-profile meeting between Presidents Xi Jinping and Putin served as a poignant reminder of the unwavering commitment to shared values, mutual respect, and collective aspirations that underpin the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between China and Russia. 


As they chart a course forward, both leaders remain steadfast in their resolve to navigate the complexities of the world stage hand in hand, poised to address the formidable challenges and seize the abundant opportunities that lie ahead.


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