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By Faith Nyasuguta 

A 28 member executioners squad comprising of Americans and Colombians assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise, police have announced.

However, eight still remain unarrested even as the country has slipped into political chaos.

Two days after the president was executed and his wife wounded by a hit squad at their private Port-au-Prince residence, the poorest American nation has been left without a president and a functional parliament.

There are just two men left, both claiming to be prime ministers.

On Thursday, security authorities unveiled the alleged assassins before the media. They also displayed seized weapons and Colombian passports in their custody.

Haiti’s National Police chief Leon Charles has promised to track down those at large.

“It was a team of 28 assailants, 26 of whom were Colombian, who carried out the operation to assassinate the president,” Charles said at a presser at the capital, Port-au-Prince.

“We have arrested 15 Colombians and the two Americans of Haitian origin. Three Colombians have been killed while eight others are on the loose.”

Haitian police hunt down suspects in president assassination/courtesy/

A previous report had indicated that four suspects had been executed but the chief did not explain the disparity.

The Taiwan embassy on Thursday asserted that some 11 suspects had been nabbed on its grounds when security personnel noticed armed men breaking into the embassy property.

The men had broken into the property “for safety reasons” moments after Moise’s murder. Some are said to be ex-soldiers.

Following this, Haitian police were allowed into the embassy, Joanne Ou, a spokeswoman for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“The process went smoothly,” Taiwan’s embassy in Port-au-Prince revealed in a statement noting that the president’s murder was “cruel and barbaric.”

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