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Avellon Williams – TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 

COP 26 is the coming together of world leaders to address the burning global issue of climate change.

This agreement united almost all nations of the world for the first time to support efforts aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions, which are primarily responsible for global warming.

Among other items which the countries agreed on: substantially reduced global greenhouse gas emissions, limited global temperature increase on this century to 2 degrees Celsius , while pursuing efforts to limit the increase even further to 1.5 degrees, review countries commitments, every 5 years, and, provide financial to developing you tries to limit climate change.

In her address to the conference on Monday; Prime Minister Mia Mottley started that all attendees at the conference had a common objective; that is to save the planet from the effects of global warming.

She further added that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the need to find solutions for global problems, which is what global warming is.

There needs to be a strengthening of the Paris Agreement to tackle global warming.

Dr. Rowley urged works leaders to move beyond the rhetoric and pledge and take serious action in this decade to create a healthier, salvageable planet Earth.

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