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Avellon Williams 

RWANDA – Do you remember the boy named Nsanzimana Ellie who lived in the forest and was nicknamed Monkey for his appearance? 

In that case, the boy’s life has completely changed, and now he becomes a celebrity when he wears a costume.

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Recently, state-run Afrimax TV, broadcasted the story of Nsanzimana Ellie, a 21-year-old boy from southern Rwanda.

He was the subject of his mother’s prayer after she lost her first five children and prayed for at least one child to survive, according to Afreecamax TV.

As a result of her prayers, the mother was blessed with a healthy child, although the boy was speechless and was challenged in his learning.

According to the doctor who treated the grieving mother, the boy’s intellectual abilities prevented him from paying attention to the lessons, but he was able to gain some knowledge that was important for his future.

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His diet consisted mainly of grass, which he ate a lot in the bush. Immediately following the airing of Ellie’s story, well-meaning people came out in support of the young boy.

A new house was built for Ellie and his mother by benefactors ‘sent by God’, and even furnishings were provided for them.

In the past, the boy scolded the monkey, and now he walks around in designer suits and outfits, oozing divine speed.

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In the midst of his travels, his fans demand photographs with him – the rejected stone. Despite spending most of his childhood in the forest, the young man now studies for a philanthropist and attends school. Those in this situation are living proof that grace can raise people out of the grass.

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    Very inspirational piece. God will use us once we’re willing to be obedient.

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