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Ekeomah Atuonwu

A popular Ghanaian social activist who spearheaded protests against President Nana Akufo-government Addo’s has been arrested after making comments on social media about staging a coup. This was disclosed by Ghanaian police.

On Friday, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, the leader of the pressure organization #FixTheCountry, which has championed protests in the West African country over economic problems and other issues, was held at an airport after his arrival from the United Kingdom.

Barker-Vormawor announced on social media that if Parliament passes the controversial E-Levy law, he will organize a coup.

A 1.75 percent tax on electronic transactions, including mobile money payments, is proposed in the law.

“If the E-Levy is passed… I’ll stage the assassination myself. Army is a waste of time!” In a series of Facebook posts, Barker-Vormawor stated.

“In his declaration of purpose to undermine the constitution of the Republic of Ghana,” the police stated in a statement, “the post featured a clear statement of intent with a possible desire to execute a coup.”

On Monday, he is expected to be arraigned in court.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor at a campaign in Ghana /Courtesy/

According to a police official, the activist is being questioned in order to determine the formal accusations he will face in court.

The second term of Akufo-Addo has been marked by a series of rallies over economic issues and brawls in the deadlocked Parliament as the administration tries to push through severe policies that it believes would save the economy.

Soldiers were forced to enter Ghana’s parliament in January last year to break up confrontations between rival members over election results that gave Akufo-Addo victory.

Although the 2021 elections were marred by opposition charges of fraud and five people died in rioting, Ghana is typically recognized as a stable democracy in turbulent West Africa.

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