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By Faith Nyasuguta 

Kenyan security officials are on high alert following the suicide bombing that hit Uganda’s capital Kampala on Tuesday killing three people and leaving 33 wounded.

On Wednesday morning, security was beefed up in all installations and towns across Kenya and particularly along the border points. 

Police have also called on the public to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the nearest station or using the toll free lines 999/112.

The National Police Service (NPS) assures the public of their security and safety following terror-related incidents in our neighbouring country earlier today. Our sympathies to victims and families who were affected by such an atrocious act,” NPS tweeted on Tuesday.

Three attackers on motorcycles blew themselves up near Ugandan Parliament and Kampala’s police headquarters. Two officers were among the dead in the blasts that occurred.

Authorities in Uganda have linked the attacks to radicalised groups attached to the Allied Democratic Forces, a branch of the Islamic State (IS). ADF is an Islamist rebel group in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and it is considered a terrorist organisation.

Aftermath of Ugandan explosion /Courtesy/


All the explosives used in the attacks were made from common household items. Ugandan police have thus called on the public to also exercise extra vigilance and report suspicious activities, such as persons buying large amounts of chemicals and materials that can be used to create bombs.

“It shows the groups still desire to carry out lethal attacks on soft targets using suicide bombers and IEDs,” he said.

The attacks were executed barely three weeks after another explosion killed a waitress at a restaurant in the city after three suspects disguised as customers voluntarily left their package under a table.


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has condemned the suicide bombings in the capital Kampala, while assuring residents of continued efforts to combat terrorism and boost security.

He noted that terrorists have exposed themselves at a time when Uganda’s security infrastructure has improved and is more prepared to fight terrorism.

“The terrorists invited us and we are coming for them,” he said.

Museveni further said the Tuesday suicide bombers are manipulated and confused Bazzukulu (grandchildren).

He named two of them as Mansoor Uthman and Wanjusi Abdallah.

He further said that police will issue guidelines on securing checkpoints outside buildings to ensure the safety of occupants.

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