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Faith Nyasuguta

The island nation of Mauritius is positioning itself to forge a deeper partnership with Russia, aligning with the trend of African countries seeking collaboration with the great power. 

Reports indicate that Mauritius is keen to capitalize on its existing relationship with Russia, which has yielded significant benefits in the past year. This strategic move comes at a time when Russia’s influence across the African continent is experiencing a notable uptick, prompting Mauritius to explore avenues for enhanced cooperation.

In an interview with the Russian news outlet Sputnik in April 2023, Mauritius’s ambassador to Russia, Heswar Janke, highlighted the pivotal role played by Russia in his country’s development. Ambassador Janke emphasized Russia’s growing prominence as a key partner for Mauritius, particularly against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving global landscape. He highlighted the mutual interests shared by both nations and expressed optimism about the prospects of strengthening bilateral ties.

Recently, Russian Ambassador Konstantin Klimovsky shed light on Mauritius’s unwavering commitment to deepening its collaboration with Moscow, despite facing pressure from Western nations. Ambassador Klimovsky reiterated Mauritius’s determination to expand bilateral cooperation, emphasizing the enduring friendship between the two countries as the foundation for future engagement. 

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He affirmed Russia’s readiness to support Mauritius in its endeavors to achieve sustainable growth and development.

As part of its efforts to bolster ties with Russia, Mauritius is exploring the possibility of introducing Russian Mir payment cards within its financial infrastructure. Ambassador Klimovsky revealed that Mauritian authorities have expressed interest in adopting Mir cards for domestic transactions, signaling a potential milestone in bilateral economic cooperation. 

However, he cautioned that the feasibility of implementing Mir cards in Mauritius by 2024 remains subject to further evaluation, citing logistical considerations and regulatory requirements.

In addition to economic collaboration, Mauritius and Russia are engaged in multifaceted partnerships across various sectors, including fishing, oceanographic research, seafood processing, marine transportation, information technologies, telecommunications, energy, higher education, culture, and sports

Ambassador Klimovsky emphasized the breadth and depth of cooperation between the two countries, citing joint initiatives and exchange programs aimed at fostering mutual understanding and capacity-building.

Mauritius’s active participation in the second summit between Russia and Africa further showed its commitment to strengthening diplomatic relations and exploring new avenues for collaboration. The delegation from Mauritius, comprising officials from diverse ministries and organizations, demonstrated the country’s proactive approach to engaging with Russia on regional and global issues of common interest. 

The summit provided a platform for constructive dialogue and strategic alignment, laying the groundwork for future cooperation initiatives.


As discussions progress, the potential partnership between Mauritius and Russia holds immense promise for advancing shared objectives and promoting inclusive development. By leveraging each other’s strengths and resources, both countries stand to benefit from enhanced economic, cultural, and diplomatic exchanges. 

With a strategic focus on long-term cooperation, Mauritius and Russia are poised to deepen their engagement and contribute to regional stability and prosperity in Africa.


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