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An entity (firm, government, persons, spy agencies) near or far away may be w👀tching and listening to you – anytime and anywhere.

The thought of big ‘brother’ w👀tching every move one makes is enough to shutter one’s sense of privacy.

What about governments in possession of a spyware unabated, on mobile phones especially the notorious ones known to breach individual liberties and rights, masked in the name of security surveillance?

Uganda is set to track all vehicles; even motorcycles will not be spared. Electronic gps trackers will be installed on all vehicle license plates.

Big brother w👀tching & listening

The tracking will be 24/7 throughout the year and guess who will pay for the annual costs incurred?
Every Ugandan vehicle owner whether they like it or not.

Pegasus is a spy software developed in Israel. It is the ‘in thing’ right now because of it’s clandestine, super intrusive capabilities.

It infects iPhones and Android devices, allowing operators to extract messages, photos, emails, record calls and secretly activate microphones and cameras without the knowledge of both the cellphone carriers and users.

Pegasus Project /courtesy/

Most targets are people of high profiles regarded as subjects of interest by relevant authorities for now.

As wide spread use and new software gets wider use, there are no guarantees your phone won’t be on the targeted list.

The potential for the software to get to the wrong hands can not be understated.

It would not be a stretch of the imagination to think of the potential for abuse in the name of security surveillance.

It is laughable to imagine a good bunch of administratons would dare relay to the governed with a straight face the protection individual liberties especially where the rule of law is just a mere mention in the constitution.

One thing we can definitely count on, this is just the beginning. The future phenomenon of privacy will be as elusive as the shadow.

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