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Avellon Williams 

BAHIA, BRAZIL- Christmas is a time when many people are more conscious than ever about the problems faced by others, but for some families around the world, it can be a very difficult time indeed – with homes destroyed by flooding or wars leaving them without food or water, Brazil’s Northeastern state of Bahia has been affected by severe flooding, leaving more than 470,000 people homeless.

The National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters, a government agency, reports that 21 deaths and 358 injuries have been reported over the past month in what has been the heaviest rainy season in Bahia for 32 years.

Several towns and cities were inundated with water, forcing residents to abandon their belonging. During this time of year, it has rained more than five times as much as usual in southern Bahia.

According to the governor of Bahia, Rui Costa, the situation is similar to a “bombardment“. 


According to him, some cities lost coronavirus vaccines during the floods.

He said, “Some municipal health offices and medicine depots were completely submerged.”

As a result of dam failures on Christmas Eve, December 24, the situation in Bahia, home to about 15 million people, deteriorated significantly. Many residents were forced to abandon their homes for higher ground as a result.

According to reports, the rain will continue to fall across most of the country this week.

Disaster relief officials have warned that five additional dams in Bahia might burst. Food and other items are being delivered to the needy through the state’s bridges and roadways, which were destroyed.

The heavy rains coincide with La Nina, a weather phenomenon that occurs every three to five years and results in cool Pacific Ocean temperatures.

This severe flooding in Brazil’s Bahia is just an example of how this Christmas season has been fraught with crises all around the world. Families are torn apart by turmoil during the holiday season due to displacement, violence, or natural disasters that have left them with nothing to celebrate about.

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