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By Faith Nyasuguta 

Cat-owners in Cape-town’s Manenberg have breathed a sigh of relief following the detention of a suspected serial cat-killer.

In a space of two months only, over 42 cats were slaughtered and left with disfigured bodies in the outskirts of Cape Town in South Africa.

The suspect also owns two dogs– a pitbull cross and a short-haired terrier cross – which were nabbed by the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS SA) as “hunting partners” to the suspect days before his detention.

Alan Perrins from the animal society said all the killed cats had been exposed to torture and disembowelment. 

The autopsy on two cats showed that their lungs and hearts had been removed.

42 felines killed in two months /Courtesy/

Last Friday, security forces had nabbed a separate suspect, 40-years-old, but the person was set free over a lack of evidence linking him to the killings.

Faiza Jacobs had lost three cats. In March, her first cat ‘Potato’ disappeared and months later in July, another cat ‘Smokey’ went missing.

By July, the masses had started saying their cats had disappeared and posted images of disfigured cats they had stumbled upon. That is when Jacob found her 10-month old kitty ‘Ash’.

“If I had to think about what my cat went through… She was cut open from tail to neck. Her whole esophagus and heart were removed,” she said.

To salvage the bad situation, the AWS SA is offering some 20,000 rands ($1,300; £1,000) as a reward for any credible information that will lead to the killer’s arrest.

The animal society says they have canceled out dog-fighting syndicates, gang initiation and even occult practitioners as suspects.

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    Never had I thought that having a cat would mean to have fear for the owners, fear for your lovely pet passing through a gruesome death! Who in their right minds would do this! The guy should be found, and fast

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