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Avellon Williams 

CUBAN- President Joe Biden on Tuesday was scolded by former president Donald Trump for betraying the Cuban people two years ago when the largest mass opposition in nearly three decades took place.

Furthermore, Trump criticised Biden for Cuba’s warming relations with China, which is reportedly building a military base on the island, located 90 miles off Florida’s coast.

“On the anniversary of the July 11 protests in Cuba, Joe Biden has betrayed the Cuban people and surrendered Cuba to Communist China,” Trump said in a statement released on his campaign website.

By allowing China to sink their teeth into the island and establish military bases 90 miles off our shore, something unthinkable, Biden not only risks our own national security, but he abandons the dream of freedom for those many amazing Cuban Americans who, under my administration, were going to get their wish.”

In contrast to the Obama administration, Trump’s policy toward Cuba was repressive and contradicted the Obama administration’s efforts to restore diplomatic ties and travel and trade.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2017, the Trump administration prohibited commerce with the Cuban military, intelligence, and security agencies and businesses.

Additionally, Americans were prohibited from traveling to Cuba individually for educational and cultural exchanges. 

The Trump administration allowed U.S. citizens to sue entities that traffic in or benefit from Cuban property confiscated by the regime, banned cruise ships from sailing between the U.S. and Cuba, and barred U.S. flights to Cuban cities other than Havana in 2019.

While Biden campaigned on loosening Trump’s restrictions, he expanded flights to Cuba and reestablished family reunifications after implementing some sanctions after the July 2021 protests.

“Today, we also ask God to strengthen and watch over all the political prisoners and protesters being cruelly held captive by this evil regime,” Trump said.

“Three years ago, the Cuban nightmare was ready to end. The Biden administration has given it up — but I will get it back again. We pray for the day when all of Cuba will be free.”


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    This absolutely makes no sense. The US restrictions and unending sanctions are at the heart of pushing Cuba to China’s orbit. Let’s understand that China is a formidable opponent to US and it gives others options. The Trump administration’s policies towards Cuba only made it easier for Cuba to seek China’s help.

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