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Faith Nyasuguta

The United Nations Security Council, with 14 votes in favor, decided on Friday (Dec. 01) to end the mandate of the UN Transition Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS). 

The approved resolution instructs the mission to commence the cessation of operations on December 4, transferring its tasks to UN agencies, funds, and programs by February 29, 2024. 

The strained relations between UNITAMS and Sudan escalated in April, leading to the declaration of the UNITAMS head as persona non grata.

Despite the resolution’s approval, Russia abstained, and other Council members expressed dismay. Ambassador James Kariuki of the United Kingdom acknowledged the mission’s commendable work but emphasized the Sudanese authorities’ unequivocal demand for UNITAMS’s immediate termination. 

He highlighted the need for an orderly transition and liquidation, reiterating Sudan’s responsibility for UNITAMS staff and assets’ safety.

While the United States supported the resolution, Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood voiced concerns, stating that a reduced international presence might embolden perpetrators of atrocities. 

The vote occurred amid an ongoing war causing over 6,000 casualties, displacing 6 million, and contributing to a severe humanitarian crisis.

Representing African countries, Ghana’s ambassador, Harold Adlai Agyeman, raised alarm about the situation in Sudan after nearly 8 months of war. 

He emphasized the need for international response to address the suffering of Sudanese civilians, calling for a cessation of hostilities, protection of civilians, and humanitarian assistance.

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The conflict involves the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary group originating from Janjaweed militias, engaged in warfare with the Sudanese military since mid-April. 

Despite the resolution’s passage, United Nations officials pledged ongoing efforts to aid Sudanese people through various humanitarian agencies.

UNITAMS, established in 2020 to support Sudan’s political transition to democratic rule, faces termination in the wake of escalating tensions and the Sudanese government’s insistence on its immediate closure. 

The resolution aims to ensure a smooth transition of tasks and emphasizes the continuing responsibility of the Sudanese authorities during this process.


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