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Faith Nyasuguta

A Zambian firm, AFNON Industries, is on the cusp of reshaping the regional stove manufacturing landscape with an ambitious investment of $10 million. This landmark initiative signifies the genesis of Zambia’s inaugural stove production facility, slated to become the largest of its kind across the African continent. 

CEO Arnold Nyendwa (pictured above) heralded the venture as a pivotal moment in the nation’s industrial evolution, emphasizing its transformative potential for both domestic and regional markets.

In a strategic collaboration with a prominent Chinese partner renowned for its expertise in home appliances and automotive sectors, AFNON Industries aims to harness cutting-edge technology and specialized know-how to manufacture a diverse range of stoves. From gas to electric and combination variants, the envisioned product lineup promises to cater to a spectrum of consumer preferences and market demands.

“This will be the first stove manufacturing plant in Zambia and the largest in Africa,” declared Nyendwa, underlining the strategic imperative to cater to burgeoning domestic demand while targeting export opportunities within regional blocs such as the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

By localizing stove production, Zambia seeks to curtail dependence on imported alternatives, fostering self-sufficiency and conserving foreign currency reserves for critical economic endeavors.

With an anticipated production capacity of one million stoves per month, AFNON Industries envisions a significant uptick in employment opportunities, with the initial phase expected to generate over 120 jobs. Nyendwa’s vision extends beyond mere job creation, however, as he envisions the manufacturing plant as a catalyst for broader socio-economic development. 


We will focus on supplying the domestic market, the SADC, and COMESA,” Nyendwa affirmed, highlighting the pivotal role of localized industrialization in driving inclusive growth and fostering technological advancement.

The choice of Zambia’s Kabwe, Central Province, as the site for the manufacturing plant underscores AFNON Industries’ commitment to decentralization and equitable economic development. 

Nyendwa’s stewardship of this transformative initiative has garnered international acclaim, culminating in an invitation to present the project at the prestigious 10th Session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development, convened by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

As AFNON Industries embarks on this groundbreaking venture, stakeholders anticipate a ripple effect across Zambia’s economy, with cascading benefits spanning job creation, skills development, and technology transfer. 

Nyendwa’s unwavering commitment to driving local industrialization highlights Zambia’s resilience and ingenuity in charting a sustainable path towards economic prosperity and self-reliance. 


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