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Avellon Williams

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS- It seems that the politics of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis are taking new turns every day. There is a great deal of political turmoil in the country due to issues within the Team Unity coalition party, and it shows no signs of abating. 

Mark Brantley, premier of Nevis, explained some of his concerns and stood up for the survival of Team Unity at a meeting on Wednesday (April 20, 2022). As a host of VON Radio’s “ON THE MARK” show, Brantley castigated St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris for the dysfunction in the government.

According to Premier Brantley, Prime Minister Harris has made no effort at all to save Team Unity.

In his position, Team Unity was a ladder that PM Harris used to attain and maintain prime ministerial power. He never adhered to Team Unity’s principles and preyed on the fundamentals of the organization. 

“We can’t use unity as a springboard to get the office of the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis,” noted Brantley. 

As a response to Prime Minister Harris’ statement regarding the involvement of the World Bank in the distribution of the CBI funds between St Kitts and Nevis, Premier Brantley said it was pointless since the Charlestown accord was formed solely for the purpose.

Prime Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris, /Image, AT/

According to him, members of the People’s Labour Party were targeting members of the Concerned Citizen’s Movement and posting offensive comments on social media against them. He reprimanded them and said that impudent behavior to target other people unnecessarily and describe them as incompetent when they are in the cabinet is poor behavior and offensive. 

Brantley also emphasized that he had been accused of not trying hard enough to save Team Unity. He did point out, however, that he and Deputy Prime Minister Shawn K Richards made every effort possible to survive the Tripartite. 

Using a specific approach, Richards and Brantley stated, “Leader of Team Unity and Prime Minister (Timothy Harris) must have seen the dysfunctionality of the cabinet and brought this to his attention time and time again.

“Yet he never asked for the three parties to come together, it is Shawn, and I hand-delivered a letter to the Prime Minister on March 28 asking for an urgent meeting with him because Unity needs to be preserved,” Mark Brantley declared. 

In light of the tragic death of former Premier Vance Amory, the meeting has been further postponed for nine days.

Nine days later, the tripartite meeting took place where the two discussed their concerns and offered recommendations, but it was highly unsuccessful.

Continuing their efforts in saving Team Unity is a priority to him; they have also drafted a letter for PM Harris that is six pages long. Yet, neither Shawn nor he received a reply from PM Harris, who never took us seriously. 

Deputy Prime Minister, Shawn K. Richards, /Image, SKNO/

“We asked for a meeting, but it didn’t happen; I took nine days to have that meeting, but it again dismissed; we then gave another eight days for Prime Minister to respond to put very legitimate concerns, but he came with no response, and We further sent a six-page letter.”

Furthermore, he discussed how Team Unity could be saved and stated that a lot of compromises are required. He quoted, “Everyone gets something, but nobody gets everything, and this is ‘compromise’ for me.”

According to Brantley, Prime Minister Harris lacks a spirit of compromise.

Meanwhile, he condemned PM Harris’ remark that the prime minister’s prerogative must not be diminished, adding that Dr.Harris reached the Prime Minister through the formation of Team Unity. He emphasized that the foundation he stands on, Team Unity, which has certain core principles, cannot be diminished. 

According to him, PM Harris failed to meet the deadline that had been set by PAM and CCM for PLP.

In addition, Brantley stated that he would only work with a principled person and that Team Unity should also work on these principles.

“I say no to power and always fought over principles”, said Brantley. 

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