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Avellon Williams 

MISSISSIPPI, USA- “Maybe Charles’s age will stop us from having children but I have an open mind, it may not work.”

Miracle Pogue and her husband Charles /Image, FDB/

Having two kids with her 85-year-old husband is her goal, according to a 24-year-old Mississippi woman. Miracle Pogue told Kennedy News that her husband’s age wasn’t a determining factor when they started dating.

Their friendship began in 2019 after they met in Starkville. After a year of friendship, their relationship blossomed into love. They tied the knot last year after Charles proposed in February 2020.

/Image, SC/

Upon learning her husband’s age, Miracle said she “found out in conversation when we asked each other our date of birth and he said he was born in 1937.

“I never even placed his age, we just wanted to see how it went. I don’t care if he’s 100 or 55, I like him for him. I thought he was maybe 60 or 70 because he looks so good,” the 24-year-old added. “He’s always up and active.”

Despite Charles’ age, Miracle said her grandfather – who is 72 – and mother expressed support when they learned of their relationship. Her 47-year-old father, however, was initially opposed to their relationship, according to her.

/Image, BSO/

My grandad said if I was happy and it’s what I want to do then he’s happy. My dad was like ‘hell no ma’am, not at all,’” she said. “It took a lot of time to convince him.”

“If he didn’t come to my wedding, he would have lost me forever,” the bride added. “I told him I needed his support and to walk me down the aisle. Once he got to meet Charles and talk to him, he loved him.”

Also praising his wife, Charles referred to her as someone who “has a lot going for her.” “She’s got her life in order, she’s great,” he continued. “The wedding day was wonderful, it was the best day of my life. There’s no problem with the age difference.”

/Image, NYP/

“People making comments online doesn’t make a difference, we just let them do their thing,” the 85-year-old added. “We’re very happy together. We’re looking forward to starting a family together.”

According to Miracle, she wants to start a family with her husband. “I want him to have another generation. We’re looking to go to an IVF clinic to talk about our options,” she said.

“We went to an IVF clinic before but we really felt the pre-judgment even though they don’t know me and it was quite overwhelming,” she added. “Now I’m forgetting it as long as they give me my baby. Maybe Charles’s age will stop us from having children but I have an open mind, it may not work.”

/Image, TPN/

Even though Miracle said her husband is always active, she admitted she sometimes worries about his health. “At Thanksgiving he got COVID and I broke down, I prepared myself, but the way he gets up and goes every day, he’s not going anywhere,” she said. “We prepare for things and he says he might not be here in five years. I tell him he will and he’ll outlive us all.”

According to her, “I know realistically I’ll be around longer than him so I try to live and have fun and experience as much as I can with him. We try to live it up. He’s my knight in shining armor.”

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