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Avellon Williams 

KINGSTON, JAMAICA- The mystery surrounding the alleged human sacrifices at the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries deepened following a report coming out of Jamaica that the leader of the Church/ cult has died in a vehicular accident on October 25.

An unresponsive Kevin Smith after car accident /Courtesy/

According to a report in the Jamaican Star Newspaper, Dr. Kevin O Smith, controversial, pastor/ cult leader and a police officer succumbed to injuries they received in a vehicular accident. The report stated that Smith was being escorted from St. James to Kingston when the accident occurred.  

According to the report, Smith was expected to be charged with murder and other offences related to the incident which occurred on the compound of the church on Monday, October 18th.

Kevin Smith at the police station /Courtesy/

Questions are being raised following a video circulating on social media reportedly taken at the St James Police Station, with an individual, identified as Dr Smith gesticulating and complaining about how he was being scoffed at, while other individuals in the same video, reported being police officers were seen laughing and mocking the barefooted and subdued Dr Smith. 

This video is now the subject of a police investigation. Questions as to the reason or reasons as to why Dr Smith was being transported from St. James to Kingston have also been asked since the alleged incident took place in the St. James Parish. 

DPP Paula Lewellyn /Courtesy/

According to the Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Lewellyn, “this was done in the interest of justice since it was feared that because of the local publicity surrounding the incident, Smith may not have gotten a fair trial. But, according to Smith’s Lawyer, Valerie Neita Robertson, no one from the DPP’s office had informed her of his whereabouts and she was quite taken aback to learn that he had died while being transported to Kingston.

Meanwhile, more details are emerging of the very strange occurrences at the Church services of the alleged cult leader. According to Milton Rickets, who claimed that he knew Smith for years, “many strange things have been happening at the church for years.

He believed that Dr. Smith, a trained Psychologist,  used his training to brainwash his followers. He reported that Smith would demand that his followers kneel in his presence and address him as Crown Bishop at all times.

Kevin Smith in church /Courtesy/

According to a report in the Daily Beast Newspaper, their newsroom was able to obtain a pamphlet from Dr. Smith’s church, which describes him as  “former Crown Ambassador of the throne of Nubia Sheba, globe traveller to over 100 countries and the end time Prophet to the Nations.”  

As more details emerged from last Monday’s human sacrifice on the church’s compound, it is reported that a man was ordered to strip naked and his throat slashed to get the ‘impure’ blood out of his body. It is alleged that an off-duty policewoman assisted Smith in supervising the ritual.

Police reported that they encountered more intended victims, including naked men and animals who were waiting in line for the sacrifice At least 14 minors were found at the scene and taken into custody. Allegations of abuse of the minors were also made to the police.  

Police raid Kevin Smith’s home /Courtesy/

Reports also suggest that several influential people, including police officials, were affiliated with Dr Smith’s cult and that this may not be the only incident of this nature to have occurred at the church.  Other such incidents may have gone unreported because of the people involved in the cult.

Kevin Smith /Courtesy/

This is what makes the circumstances leading up to Smith’s death so mysterious. More details as this mystery unfold.

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