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By Faith Nyasuguta 

Kenya now has a bigger vaccination muscle after receiving some 880,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine from the US on Monday.

The consignment landed early Monday morning just months after US president Joe Biden’s announcement indicating that Washington DC would share 80 million jabs from America’s own stock.

The batch is also a fraction of the 1.7 million doses that the US promised to donate to Kenya and is being delivered via the Gavi-Covax facility.

In a speech after receiving the jab donation, Kenyan Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache indicated that the arrival of the Moderna vaccine marks another significant milestone in the war against Covid-19.

She confirmed that Moderna is the second type of vaccine to be sent to Kenya after AstraZeneca.

Mochache sought to reveal statistics that show about 1.6 million people in Kenya have received their first AstraZeneca dose, with 780,000 getting the full vaccine.

Kenya receives Moderna vaccines on Monday /Courtesy/

On Friday alone, 70,000 people were vaccinated.

“We remain focused on protecting those who are at risk of getting affected by Covid-19,” Ms. Mochache said.

She further unraveled that Covid-19 case fatality had shrunk to 2 per cent from 2.1 per cent.

“We hope to reduce this further by maintaining the vaccination effort,” she said.

“We must continue to prioritize the elderly because data has shown that most deaths are from that age group. We hope to vaccinate 10 million Kenyans by the end of this year and another 26 million by next year.”

All county governments were called on to support efforts by the national government by mobilizing communities at the grass-root level to take the jabs.

“No vaccine is superior to the other; we shall not be emphasizing the brand names. Don’t wait for a particular brand of vaccine, the best vaccine is the one that is available,” the Health PS said.

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    The virus seems to have proven that it is not going anywhere in the near future. Hope the vaccines help in reducing the infection and death rate and save lives.

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