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Avellon Williams 

HAVANA, CUBA- Due to the many values inherited from Nigeria, Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria Clara Pulido-Escandell has described Nigeria as a great country in Africa that has a boundless cultural influence on the Cuban people.

Cuban Ambassador, Clara Pulido-Escandell seeks bilateral ties with Nigeria /Image, SN/

During the sidelines of the international Arts and Crafts Expo in Abuja, Pulido-Escandell said, “The influence of Nigerian culture is present in Cuba in many ways, it is not possible to talk about the Cuban culture without the African roots,” she said.

A very enthusiastic Ambassador expressed her love for Nigeria, saying” no doubt, Nigeria is a very special country, with more than 200 million inhabitants, more than 300 tribes, beautiful geography, rich in mineral resources.”

As Pulido-Escandell explained, Cuba and Africa, especially Nigeria, share many cultural ties, with Cuban culture having its roots in Nigeria, especially the southern part of the country.

She said that drums were essential to the legacy of Cuban music because it was impossible to play Cuban music without some rhythm associated with Nigerian drums.

/Image, TCH/

“Originally derived from Spanish and African roots, Cuban culture owes a great deal to the southern part of Nigeria, which made very important contributions.”

“Cuba’s Yoruba legacy is one of the most prominent. In regards to religion, many Cubans follow African religions, such as Olodumare, which is referred to as “Afrocuban religion” by Cubans today,” she said.

As she pointed out, Cuba and Nigeria share a lot in common, such as similar weather, cuisine, and preparation techniques.

/Image, LD/

“Nigeria offers so many opportunities in a culture that Cubans can learn from, regardless of the numerous aspects of Nigerian culture Cubans have inherited.”

“As two countries become more acculturated, understanding will grow and peace will be strengthened.”

“By taking advantage of this opportunity, Cubans and Nigerians can improve bilateral relations as well as collaborate more effectively.”

She suggests that these collaborations could take place in the fields of music, culture, health, education, tourism, and arts and crafts production, to boost the economies of both countries.

/Image, TGN/

“While we already share a lot in common, more can be done to promote cultural integration and boost economic growth in both countries.

As Cuba’s embassy in Nigeria, we are committed to continuing to strengthen the existing relationship between the two countries,” she said.

“We can achieve a lot together, and I also encourage Nigerians to visit Cuba for some tourism experience,” she said.

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