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By Canisius Mushibwe
To facilitate easy mobility and promote green transportation, especially in urban areas, Rwanda has launched a bicycle-sharing means of movement in its capital city Kigali.

The project is made possible due to a partnership with local smart and green mode transport company, GURARIDE, and the Government in order to enhance non-motorized transport in the city.

GURARIDE has so far installed modern 80 green mobility bicycles at various ridesharing 12 docking stations in the capital city.

Speaking during the launch, Kigali Mayor Pudence Rubingisa said the newly introduced transportation system will assist in promoting a smart and green city as well as provide convenient and affordable movement.


Rwandan Minister of infrastructure, Claver Gatete, said at the same event that they plan on rolling out the Initiative to other urban areas to encourage and enhance carbon-free mobility across cities and urban centers.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of GURA RIDE, Tony Adesina Kigali said residents will be able to access the bikes once they order for them and pay online using an application (App).

Adesina said once the payment has been made a key will be generated which will be used to unlock bicycles from the docked stations. He added that each docking station will have a minimum of at least five bikes which are in the colors of blue and yellow.


Rwanda has continued to make strides causing heads to turn in their direction through innovations, infrastructure, and numerous development projects characterizing the country way beyond the scars of the 1994 genocide which almost destroyed the whole country.

Nowadays instead of being known for a dark past, it is making headlines with positive news, making it stand out in the African continent.


In June, Rwanda also embarked on a pilot electric motorcycles project in Kigali to attain a carbon-neutral economy by the year 2050. And with the advent of the green e-mobility bike-sharing initiative, carbon emissions will be reduced and automobile dependency will be mitigated.

Furthermore, the bicycle sharing system is expected to generate green employment opportunities and improve health standards for Rwandan citizens.

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