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Avellon Williams

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Floyd Green has tendered his resignation following a video that surfaced on social media showing him and several others gathering at an event in clear breach of COVID-19 protocols during a no movement day.

On Tuesday the video surfaced on social media with Green seen along with others in a group mask-less toasting alcohol as a member shouted,’ no movement day.’

Green today announced his resignation in a release on Wednesday morning, noting that he had disappointed so many.

“My family including my son, my Prime Minister, and most importantly, the people of Jamaica who I have sworn to serve.” He said.

“No matter how briefly, and regardless of the circumstances, I should never have participated in any engagement that could indicate a lack of appreciation of the difficult and serious realities that now face the entire country.”

(Left) Floyd Green, (Right) PM, Andrew Holness /Courtesy/

“My actions have demonstrated a lack of sensitivity for the difficult realities that all of us are facing currently.”

Green said he met with Prime Minister Andrew Holness earlier in the morning and indicated his decision to withdraw from the Cabinet.

Meanwhile leader of the Opposition Mark Golding called on Green to resign stating that, for Minister of Government, who ought to be setting an example for the population as a whole, to be flouting the no –movement day restrictions and partying with friends, is an arrogant insult to the people of Jamaica.

Golding describes Green’s action as an inexcusable, disgraceful dereliction of duty, “ordinary Jamaicans would be locked up and charged with offenses under the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) for doing this.

Yet a Government Minister and his cronies were there yesterday flossing and braffing away as if the COVID restrictions mean nothing, showing utter contempt for the rules that his Government has imposed on the people.”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness earlier today took to his Facebook to announce the resignation of Floyd Green.

PM, Andrew Holness/Courtesy

“This morning I met with Minister Floyd Green and discussed matters relating to a video circulating on social media. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that Minister Green would not continue in the Cabinet. However, it was discussed that there may be other areas in which his expertise could be utilized.” The Prime Minister said.

In an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19 virus across Jamaica, last Wednesday PM Holness extended the “no movement” days for two more weeks.

The ‘no-movement days” announced are, Sunday 5, September, Monday 6, September, Tuesday 7, September, Sunday 12, September, Monday 13, September, Tuesday 14, September.

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